Various Artists – Glass Shoes – Giày Thủy Tinh OST (iTunes)

Một trong những bộ phim Hàn Quốc mà mình thích nhất 😀



1-01. 너에게로 가는길(Way to you)
1-02. 고백할께(Say you love me)
1-03. 너를 지켜 줄꺼야(Protect you)
1-04. For Your Love (Original)
1-05. Help Me Love (Original)
1-06. 비상지아 (悲像之我)(Forever with you)
1-07. Gloomy Sunday (Cover)
1-08. 서툰 고백(Confession)
1-09. 제발…(Please)
1-10. 너를 지켜줄꺼야(Piano Version)(Protect you)
1-11. 먼 길(Guitar Version)(A long journey)
1-12. Tears(Piano Version)
1-13. 빈들에서(Piano Version)(Empty field)
1-14. 너를 보낸새벽(Chorus Version)(Sad dawn)
1-15. 별 헤는 밤(Harmonica Version)(The night with stars)

2-01. 너와 함께(Piano verison)(With you)
2-02. 약속(Piano & Guitar version)(Promise)
2-03. 파란미소(Guitar version)(Blue smile)
2-04. 내안의 너(Guitar version)(In my mind)
2-05. 도시의 아침(Piano version)(Morning of the city)
2-06. 어린시절(Piano version)(Childhood)
2-07. 먼 길(Piano version)(A long journey)
2-08. Tears(Guitar version)
2-09. 너를 지켜줄거야(Violin version)(Protect you)
2-10. 너와 함께(Guitar version)(With you)
2-11. 약속(Piano version)(Promise)
2-12. 별 헤는 밤(Piano version)(The night with stars)
2-13. 빈들에서(Guitar version)(The empty field)
2-14. 어린시절(Piano version)(Childhood)
2-15. 새로운 시작(E.Guitar version)(New Beginning)
2-16. Tears(Guitar version)
2-17. 파란미소(Harmonica version)(Blue smile)
2-18. 새로운 시작(E. Guitar version)(New Beginning)
2-19. 어린시절(Guitar version)(Childhood)


VA – Glass Shoes OST – CD1

VA – Glass Shoes OST – CD2

Credits: Grand Master & Tellu@YAN

Re-uploaded by me.



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